A Little Flow 

Confession Time.

The first time I did yoga, I hated it. I always fell asleep during savasana (you know those last 15 minutes after yoga class dedicated to rest) and felt like I was “doing it wrong”.

I’ve heard countless friends since share their experience of not feeling quite like yoga is for them. If this sounds like you, you’ve come to the right place. I’m a firm believer in ease and breaking things down into baby steps to make them doable and fun. I approach yoga from the same place.

The second time I did yoga, I did it because I was suffering from vertigo, exhaustion, and an overall case of the blahs. I was lucky enough to find small classes and later a private instructor who made me feel a whole lot more confident about my practice and a whole lot better about myself.

I am not saying yoga cured it all, but it sure helped and I am 100% sure it can help you too.

A Little Flow is Perfect for You if you:

Have no freaking idea where to start and need a 1-1 or small group setting to ease you into it all.
Kinda know where to start and want to ease into a new yoga practice.
Need accountability to move weekly (no shame in that. I do too. It takes a village).
Haven’t found a yoga place that speaks to you (it certainly took me time to find my tribe).
Are serious about yoga but don’t take yourself toooo seriously.
Are tired of all the woo woo-ness (Ok, a little woo-woo is Ok) and constant striving for perfection of the wellness world.

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BUSY is a 4-letter Word

Looking to dig yourself out of overwhelm with something more than another “woo-hoo!” self-help book? Let's work together to find your peace, help you make more intentional choices towards ease and a life that just flows.


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