How to Get Into Alignment: A Lesson From My Stubborn Little Dog

The other day, during yoga practice, my little pup—Wesley–climbed atop me while I lay, faced down, on the floor. He would not let up as I went from the floor to downward facing dog. With great glee, my teacher and I continued the practice. 

My little pup —Wesley – climbed atop me during my yoga practice the other day while I lay face down on the floor. He remained stationary as I transitioned from the floor to downward-facing dog, and with great glee, my teacher and I continued to move through the practice.

After some time, I finally plopped to the floor, scared that he would fall off and get hurt, but he didn’t let up. Feeling worried or tense is one of the main signs that you’re out of alignment, too, which is why I was the one who broke the flow, out of worry for him. 

He remained stationed on my back.

It was a battle of wills between a grown-ass woman and a tiny six-pound creature. Actually, it felt more like a silly dance between the two of us since I was the only one who was tense. Still, Wesley met each slow movement with incredible balance and I was able to keep steady throughout my yoga practice.

Days later, I was still marveling at the will of my little fellow, so I texted a photo I’d taken of Wesley on my back to my niece.

The text exchange ensued:

Niece: I can’t… That’s hilarious.

Me: Isn’t it? I didn’t put him there. He put himself there!

Niece: Too much. If you post this photo on Insta, you should caption it, “Making it on your own. No one will put you up there. Only you can lift yourself up.”

Me: OMG Yes!

I was trying a little too hard to be a cool ass aunt, but truthfully, I knew what my niece said wasn’t entirely true. We don’t do anything alone in life, even when we think we do, and in this case, Wesley and I worked in flow with one another. 

Wesley maintained his balance as he pushed down on my back ever so lightly, but my core work and breathing kept him up there as I moved through my flow practice.

Getting into alignment is a joint effort that requires trust.

I figured it out not long after. That yoga practice worked because we worked together in those movements. The entire experience was two beings coming together, trusting one another as they worked in tandem to manifest sheer beauty. 

I was the one who broke the spell with worry. Wesley remained steady, and in doing so, he taught me about the most important part of living in the flow. 


It all comes down to trusting yourself and others, moving in that flow of trust, without letting worry interrupt the magic. That’s how alignment happens, and a little awareness can make it so much easier to notice that subconscious disconnect before it happens next time.

Getting into alignment may feel difficult sometimes, but building a foundation of trust and support is the key to making your shifts into alignment as easy as breathing. I invite you to join me in Quit The Hustle, a one-on-one experience where you develop a deeper sense of trust with yourself so that you can make more intentional choices, create sustained freedom in your life, and truly find the zen.


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