A little awareness at a time.

Sick and tired of being sick and tired? I can help.

I’m gonna tell you something that may seem like the opposite of everything you’ve heard about being successful: you need to slow down. You’ve tried “self-care” but facials and bubble baths (as yummy as they are) aren’t helping you with your overall feeling of being overwhelmed. You’re burnt out, right? Stretched too thin? Just freakin’ exhausted?

I get it. I’m Suset Laboy, and I am a Women’s Empowerment Advisor and the founder of A Little Awareness. I work with ambitious women whose enthusiasm has led them to success, but also burnout. And I can help you get a little awareness into how to find a better balance in your life.

BUSY is a 4-letter Word

Looking to dig yourself out of overwhelm with something more than another “woo-hoo!” self-help book? Let's work together to find your peace, help you make more intentional choices towards ease and a life that just flows.

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How to Build a Resilience Mindset for Tough Times

How to Build a Resilience Mindset for Tough Times

The proverbial doo doo has hit the fan lately and I have taken some time to sit with my emotions, my family, and the mess of it all before writing about it. It seems like to be alive right now is to be living in a constant state of asking “WTF Is going on?,” and the...

Client Transformations

From the start, Suset has demonstrated an unflappable ability to provide advice and general guidance professionally and personally—especially as I navigated the rough tides of healing from complex trauma. Her lens is informed by life experience, an Ivy-league education, trial and error in love and life and this is poured into her approach every step of the way. Outside of the former, what makes Suset a stand-out option when it comes to coaching are her intuition and authenticity.

Gabriela S.

Communications Consultant

I am so glad that I attended an intimate preview by A Little Awareness in my neighborhood. Grateful that Suset shared her wonderful knowledge and gifts through her work in the comfort of her beautiful home. I have experienced profound improvement in so many areas of my life because of that afternoon. It was one of my first guided sessions and have noticed I was able to take a few breathing techniques with me into the real world which helped me decrease anxiety and increased attention, awareness and focus. I am more able to slow down and breath if things in my life are getting very intense. For sure it has enabled me to be more responsive and less reactive. I highly recommend Suset to anyone who would like to hush the little insecurities inside your head and experience the quiet peacefulness that has been awaiting you patiently. There’s no one I’ve ever met that can match Suset’s positive energy and it’s wonderful that we can have access to a tool like A Little Awareness to help us all out throughout the year.”


Beauty Industry Exec.

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