What my stubborn little dog taught me about alignment

The other day, during yoga practice, my little pup—Wesley–climbed atop me while I lay, faced down, on the floor. He would not let up as I went from the floor to downward facing dog. With great glee, my teacher and I continued the practice. 

Wesley met each slow movement with incredible balance. It was a battle of wills between a grown ass woman and a 6 pound tiny creature. Thinking about it, it was more of a silly dance between two creatures, as I was the only one tense. 

I finally gave in, scared that he would fall and hurt himself, and plopped to the floor. But he didn’t let up.

Days later, I was still marveling at the will of this little fellow and texted a photo of the event to my niece.

The text exchange ensued:

Niece: I can’t. That’s hilarious.

Me: Isn’t it? I didn’t put him there. He put himself there!

Niece: Too much. If you post this photo on Insta, you should caption it, “Making it on your own. No one will put you up there. Only you can lift yourself up.”

Me: OMG Yes (me trying a little too hard to be a cool ass aunt)

That reading would turn out to be wrong. Wesley didn’t make this happen on his own. We did it together. His balance and pushing down on my back, ever so lightly. My core work and breathing to keep him up there as I moved in my flow.  

The more I think about it, this was less a case of a little creature doing it on his own, but of two being coming together, trusting one another and their flow to manifest sheer beauty. 

I broke the spell. Wesley didn’t and in doing so taught me much about living in the flow. Trust. Trust. Trust. Move. Move. Move. Slowly. Magic will happen. 


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