How to Build a Resilience Mindset for Tough Times

The proverbial doo doo has hit the fan lately and I have taken some time to sit with my emotions, my family, and the mess of it all before writing about it. It seems like to be alive right now is to be living in a constant state of asking “WTF Is going on?,” and the stress that it’s taking in our minds and bodies is no small thing. So how do we develop a resilience mindset for tough times? How do we deal with stress while we are waiting for things to feel “normal” again?


“Normal” doesn’t seem to be happening any time soon and at some point I came to the realization that this is Ok.


Building a Resilience Mindset in Tough Times

My teacher Martha Beck calls this moment we are living Square 1 in the cycle of change. The moment is brought to you courtesy of Covid-19 and there’s very little else I can say about Covid that hasn’t been said already.


Instead, I will tell you that during Square 1, things seem to be falling apart. We fall apart. Feelings of disconnect, unsettledness, and overall I have-no-freaking-idea-what-is-going-on settle in. All of this discomfort is a breeding ground for anxiety.


But Square 1 is just a preamble of what’s to come, a necessary step in the path towards creating a more beautiful, deeper strength for ourselves. The strength will come later, tomorrow. Not today. And that’s Ok.


Now is not the time for grand gestures or big moves. It’s the time to stop and stop and stop some more.


Now is the time to allow yourself to be with however you are feeling (sad, happy, in between, it all counts). Now is not the time to berate yourself for the natural stress and anxiety you’re feeling. Now is the time to notice your feelings and let them exist without judgment.


Now is the time to find the moments of light in the shadow, and when you can, to be a space for those around you to do the same. And you know what? If you don’t feel like holding space for others because you can barely hold space for yourself, we (myself, the universe, the collective) will be here for you.


The mantra for this moment? Sh*t hit the fan. And that’s Ok.


And in the meantime, I created a video toolkit for you with a few little tools you can use together or separately when you need some natural stress relief or to find ease amidst the chaos. Click this link to sign up for access. BONUS: You get to meet a little fellow that will warm your heart.


May they offer you some light too.


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